Visit Chicago Illinois
Visit Chicago Illinois
The Jack Brickhouse Exhibit at the Chicago MBC Museum

The Museum of Broadcast Communications

676 North LaSalle Drive, Suite 424

Chicago, IL 60654


Written by Julie Greiner
The Museum of Broadcast Communications opened to the public on June 13, 1987 at the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Avenue at Washington Street. This is one of only two broadcast museums in America. Chicago broadcaster Bruce DuMont spent five years developing the museum. The public archives collection houses more than 70,000 radio and television programs and commercials. There are state-of-the-art studios, spacious screening suites, special galleries and the museum has its own gift shop.

The museum's unique interactive exhibits attract a diverse group of visitors - from students researching the history of radio and television to senior citizens reminiscing about the great moments in their lives. Visitors and school groups can join the cast of an MBC production or put on the anchor jacket, report the news and create a lasting souvenir for their memories. There is also an exhibit on the famous Kennedy-Nixon debate, which took place in the Chicago studios of WBBM-TV.

The Archives of the MBC in Chicago

The A.C. Nielsen Jr. Research Center is
The Television Center at the Chicago MBC Museum
a public archives that contains 10,000 television shows, 50,000 hours of radio, 9,000 television commercials and 2,500 newscasts. Everything in the public archives is accessible on user-friendly computers and available for viewing and listening in 26 suites.

The Radio Hall of Fame Gallery brings back to life the beloved characters from radio's "golden age." From saying hello to Charlie McCarthy and friends to opening the door to Fibber McGee's closet... visitors will step back to an era gone but not forgotten. Through interactive kiosks, visitors can explore Hall of Fame comedy and adventure shows.

Paul Harvey The Chicagoan

The Angel Harvey Radio Center
is the setting for Chuck Schaden's "Those Were The Days" which broadcast live every Saturday on WNIB-FM in Chicago. (This Center is named for Paul Harvey's wife.) "Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont," a nationally syndicated radio talk show also originates from the Harvey Radio Center. This is heard in the Chicago area on WLS AM 890. Visitors to the Center are invited to become a part of Schaden's studio audience, enjoy a classic radio recreation or be a part of the studio audience for a network or
The Costume Exhibit at the Chicago MBC Museum
Chicago based radio program.

Jack Brickhouse Chicago Sportscaster

The Sports Gallery appeals to Chicago sports fans of all ages. The gallery is now home to JACK, a new interactive exhibit celebrating the life and career of beloved Chicago sportscaster Jack Brickhouse. Original photographs chronicling Jack Brickhouse's rise to fame and can hear his famous voice in video clips of Bears, Cubs and White Sox games. The ESPN Classic Theater replays the greatest moments in TV sports history. One must not overlook the Commercial Break Gift Shop. From the "golden days" of radio to Lucy to Bozo to Seinfeld, visitors can buy media related gifts and clothing. For more information on tours call: 312-629-6000.
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